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AcuPressure Spikey Ring - My Support Link
AcuPressure Spikey Ring - My Support Link
My Support Link

AcuPressure Spikey Ring

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Our Spikey Ring is part of our core range and is an popular option for many people.

This sensory tool is an easy to use, discreet fidget that you can take with you everywhere. Much like our entire range, these can be kept in your car, pocket, or desk at work to use whenever you need.

These tools also have a remedial benefit, commonly referred to as acupressure rings. Our Spikey Ring promotes blood flow to the hands and activates acupressure to help deal with your everyday.

The best part about our Spikey Ring is that it can easily be used in your pocket, so when you need to distract your mind on the go, no one else will know you have it.

Some of the ways our Spikey Ring can be used are to roll it up and down you finger using the same or opposite hand. You can rub it between your two palms or can just hold in your hands to fidget.

Not sure which one to choose, check out our bundles here!

My Support Link sensory tools can be used to

  • Support mental health & reduce anxiety.
  • Manage stress.
  • Improve emotional regulation & sensory input.
  • Increase concentration at work.
  • Increase focus & attention.
  • Reduce smoking, nail biting and other unhelpful habits.

These are not suitable for children under five years old.