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Bike Chain Fidget
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Bike Chain Fidget

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The Bike Chain Fidget is part of our simple to use range and doesn't need many instructions at all.

You can use our sensory tool by flipping it over itself or sliding it up, down your finger or in whatever way you find that helps. This has been designed in a way to make it very addicting and helpful in situations where you need to distract your mind.

Our Bike Chain Fidget is made from high quality metals and durable rings which allow this product to be used long into the future.

As with all of our fidgets, this is incredibly easy to use when on the go. Just keep this in your pocket or attach it to your keys and use when those feelings of stress or anxiety take hold.

The Bike Chain Fidget is also incredibly quiet and discreet, no one will know you have it.

Get yours on the way today and see just how helpful our range of fidgets are!

My Support Link sensory tools can be used to

  • Support mental health & reduce anxiety.
  • Manage stress.
  • Improve emotional regulation & sensory input.
  • Increase concentration at work.
  • Increase focus & attention.
  • Reduce smoking, nail biting and other unhelpful habits.

Our fidgets are not suitable for children under five years old.