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metal bike chain fidget tool
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Bike Chain Loop Fidget

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The Bike Chain Loop Fidget is our most popular product. Simple to operate and discreet to use on the go, this Bike Chain Fidget can fit easily in your pocket.

Roll this around your finger, spin in your hand or assemble various shapes with the available chain. The flexible links make it easy for you to discover what works best for you.

We custom make these on the Gold Coast from incredibly strong steel meaning each Bike Chain Loop fidget is individually tested. 

These fidget tools are primarily there to help support your mental health and assist with anxious feelings.

The Bike Chain Loop Fidget is also incredibly quiet, no one will know you are using it!

You can easily keep these in your desk at work, in your car or attached to your keychain.

Designed to be used on the go, these tools are the perfect gift or purchase for yourself. Fidgeting is after all a natural response of our bodies.

Get yours on the way today and find exactly what we are talking about. Once you use it you’ll be hooked!

My Support Link sensory tools can be used to

  • Support your mental health & reduce anxiety.
  • Manage stress and feelings of stress.
  • Improve emotional regulation & sensory input.
  • Increase concentration at work.
  • Increase focus & attention.
  • Reduce smoking, nail biting and other unhelpful habits.

Our fidgets are not suitable for children under five years old.